Rental Agreement

  • All payments are in advance. A booking / refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. The rental amounts can be paid on collection or delivery.

Deposits are refundable on return of items, subject to the following conditions been met:

  • All rental items must be returned on time. LATE RETURNS will result in a loss of deposit as well as additional rental fees.
  • Please return your equipment in the same condition as you received it. (Cleaned and packed). DIRTY, WET, MUDDY EQUIPMENT returned will result in a loss of deposit & additional rental fees.
  • All rental items are to be packed away overnight / after use (electrical or inflatable). Please do not keep or use equipment in the rain.
  • Equipment held overnight must be secured in a gated & burglar guarded location.
  • No eating, drinking, shoes or other sharp objects are allowed on Inflatables. No streamers / Fish eggs on or near equipment (the inks leave stains that cannot be removed).
  • No persons over the age of 12 years are allowed on inflatable equipment.
  • Please do not allow kids to sit, climb or hang on side walls of inflatable items.
  • Children operating any items for school entrepreneur days or other such events must have adult supervision.
  • All rental equipment is to be used under constant adult supervision. Children must be kept away from electrical / mechanical motors at all times.
  • Inflatables to be used on a suitable flat area away from stones, debris, other sharp objects and fires (braais) The items should Ideally be used on a shaded grass area.
  • Inflatables not used on grass must have aground sheet under them.
  • Please confirm types of soaps that can be used with water items prior to using.
  • Please read operating & cleaning instructions given for items like candyfloss machines, bubble machines, popcorn machines, Helium, Smoke machines, disco lights and so forth.
  • In the event of windy conditions please secure rental items with suitable pegs to the ground.
  • In the event of delivery and removals. Items will be delivered / removed to & from an accessible flat, level and clean area. We do not go through doorways, houses or up and down embankments of stair ways. Additional charges are applicable for this service.


  • Please only use 15amp 12 gauge power leads and do not exceed 20 meters in length.
  • Electrical cables must be earthed.

The lessee agrees to compensate Kidz Fun Hire should the following arise:

  • Full replacement cost of any items that go missing whilst the rental equipment is under hire to the lessee.
  • Damage that has occurred intentionally, recklessly and or negligently whilst the equipment is under the control of the lessee. (e.g Knife wounds, torn stitching and material due to shoes adults sharp objects, items been dropped, ect,)
  • Loss of income incurred whilst equipment is under repair or been replaced due to lessee negligence in terms (1) and (2) above.
  • Cost incurred legal or otherwise in the pursuance of a claim however arising, which Kidz Fun Hire may have against the lessee.

KIDZ FUN HIRE, its owners and/or employees, do not accept responsibility and/or liability directly or indirectly for any injury or damage to any person and/or property whilst the rental equipment is in use or under hire to the lessee.
Please note that signing the above mentioned conditions of rental means that you have read and understood the above rental conditions.

Click here to download and complete the rental conditions form.